Customer Corner

Where are you located / Do you have a store ?
Why should I buy from you , do you have reviews ?
Is your business legitimate and trustworthy ?
Who is my contact person when I place an oder ?
What are your business hours ?
Where are your products made ?
What special features do they have ?
Do you have any Discounts / ongoing Sale ?
Can I add more seats ?
Can I make it bigger or smaller ?
What is the bed function ?
How does the bed function work ?
What dos left hand / right hand mean ?
Stock items / custom made items ?
Can I change the color patterns on the sofa ?
Can I add an armrest from a different sofa ?
Can I add a different type of headrest ?
How many pillows included ?
How long will your sofas last ?
What type of materials do you have ?
What colors do you have ?
Is this real leather ?
Do the colors look exactly like in the pictures ?
Can I get swatches ?
What type of wood is the Frame made of :
What is the best material if you have kids or pets :
How do I clean it?
Are the seats comfortable, soft or firm ?
LED lights are they changing colors ?
USB : Where are the USB ports located ?
Cooling Cupholder where is it located , how does it work ?
What is your Warranty?
What is the Delivery Time ( in stock and custom made )
Can you take my old sofa ?